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The Antiquarium of Utica

In addition to the garden, where important architectural elements from the Punic and Roman periods and mosaic pavements are displayed, the site has an antiquarium. This  small museum houses a fine collection of objects excavated in the site, dating back to the earliest periods of occupation of the area , up to the late antique period. The collections, displayed in four small rooms, consist of, for the so-called Phoenician period –i.e. before the 4thcentury BC - of funerary furniture: statuettes, pottery, ceramics, figurines, and everyday objects, many of which were imported from other Mediterranean countries.

The Punic period is represented, in addition to funerary offerings, by pottery, jars, funerary steles, and some sculptures. Many of these antiquities, including Egyptian and Egyptian-type ornaments (amulets, scarabs, rings) come in particular from Phoenicia and Greece.

The Roman period is illustrated by mosaic pavements, a lapidary collection of Latin epigraphy, several marble sculptures, including outstanding masterpieces (Hercules, Ariadne, Aesculapius, and Satyr), ceramics and terracotta statuettes which are signs of a strong Roman presence.

The museum garden

The museum garden contains lapidary fragments, architectural elements, sarcophagi, as well as mosaic pavements, one of which, lining the bottom of a basin, depicts the head of Neptune surrounded by hunting scenes, marine animals, ships, etc.

Other mosaic panelsfeature mythological scenes, hunting scenes, and allegories of the four seasons.



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